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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

You can bet she deleted everything--

I don't think it so much the fantasy about cheating, as much as she knew the character had a wife, and needed her out the way to get what she wanted from him.

Janeway's personal log on Fair Haven:

"I met an interesting man there, and for a while I almost forgot he was a hologram. We weren't exactly compatible, but then again, Mister Paris didn't programme him to my specifications. "
This is interesting, because there was obviously something about his roughness that attracted her to him.

But even more telling, she nearly forgot he was a hologram, he was so realistic to her.

Which suggests she had to have taken his marriage seriously--she fell for him anyway, and technically speaking, got rid of the wife.

I know this sounds silly, but the issue still remains, would the wife have liked what she did with her husband?
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