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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

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Cool, cheers.

I know I've read this stuff, it's unfortunate I can't place it but even if I could I'd be shot down. I read the diva behaviour somewhere else though. In NZ , I can't access the online source you've quoted, it was a few months ago though.
I hadn't considered that you wouldn't be able to get to the page. Quoting the pertinent bits:
National Enquirer wrote:

Published on: March 28, 2012

Photography by: Desilu Productions/CBS Photo Archives/Getty Images/
[stock photo of TOS Enterprise here - M']

GUESS WHO?! Ego torpedoes explode on the deck of the NEW Starship Enterprise as diva STAR TREK actors go for each other’s throats in blood feud! PLUS: D-lister’s lost weekend after escape from rehab to gin mill paradise!

A feud is brewing aboard the USS Enterprise! Two actors currently filming the untitled “Star Trek” sequel have been at each other’s throats. The pair got along on the first film, but they’re bigger stars now and bigger divas! Who are they?
(There's more about some celebrity drunk, a Grammy-winner's failing marriage, a reality-show mom who stole money to put her child through dance class, and a Desperate Housewife. None are identified by name.)

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The Quinto thing, I think, was a series of posts on Trekmovie in response to an interview he did a few months ago, the general jist being he was seen to be distancing himself from what had taken place during filming. The overactive imagination of a few fans? Or a darker, deeper and more significant meaning?
Oh, imaginations among commenters in the TrekMovie threads are just as active and varied as any to be found here, and there are liable to be some darker corners of the internets checking in now and then. Without seeing the posts in question, I wouldn't even want to guess at where the "distancing" notion might be coming from. Comments on any news thread are best taken with a grain of salt, anyway.
Agreed, absolutely - and thank you for the filling in the blanks around the links.

That said, there isn't much out there to back up the fact it's good either.

Any 'informed opinion' I have is around actors who don't like each other and the possibility of a terrible film, sounds like the original franchise to me!

As a matter of interest, is there a film in recent memory which was sunk by the news and rumours coming off the set before it was released?
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