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If there's one thing I stand by in life, it's that there's no smoke without fire and that usually where you hear things, particularly from a number of sources, they usually come to pass one way or the other.
In that case everyone in Hollywood is both pregnant AND getting a divorce.

The overactive imagination of a few fans? Or a darker, deeper and more significant meaning?

Remember what they said about Spock in the original pilot. Foreshadowing baby!!!!
Actors are whores, with the exception of Pegg maybe, I suspect there aren't any of them who give a stuff about the franchise beyond the paycheck and what they'll leapfrog into after, all I can say is I know what I've read and I know what I think.

'It wasn't me, it was the material I had to work with....'

I also think to assume it's going to be wonderful is as dangerous too. Crappy word of mouth can kill the box office so perhaps that the strategy, keep it buried until you absolutely have to release it., they could release a film of two steaming turds in Starfleet uniforms and most of us would go to see it........

Scat Trek Into Darkness.....
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