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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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No, because he is a wuss.

OR maybe he went back to that program when no one else was in it so he could rewrite her without his friends seeing.
You mean after the hologram fell for Tuvok, or after we found out that the hologram was really a bored alien pretending to be a hologram, so that she could have a sexcation?

Kim also spent days trying to kiss that fairhaven girl who transformed into a cow.

You would think there would be rules against sex during the communal programs when groups are in the holodeck together?

Or did Kathryn kick everyone out before she took her briefs off?

Even if Security were'nt "filming" kathy, what Michael did to her was in the memory cashe for instant replay at any time, and you could work out what the Captain was doing from where and how Michael was shagging negative space.
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