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I'm aware of this notion that the film absolutely stinks, I think it came from an interview with Quinto where he allegedly tries to distance his performance from that of the material he was given to work with, there was also some reporting around diva like behaviour on set; can I source it? No, I just know I've read it. The same can be said for the talking up of Cumberbatch's performance rather than the wider footprint of the movie.

So I wonder if that's the real issue, the film absolutely stinks?
Got you covered on the "diva" item, which was discussed here previously:

(Note: The National Enquirer is a US-based trash tabloid with a decades-long tradition of inventing gossip about whichever celebrities or situations they figure will sell the most issues for that week.)

I'm not aware of any Quinto interview matching that description, though.
Cool, cheers.

I know I've read this stuff, it's unfortunate I can't place it but even if I could I'd be shot down. I read the diva behaviour somewhere else though. In NZ , I can't access the online source you've quoted, it was a few months ago though.

If there's one thing I stand by in life, it's that there's no smoke without fire and that usually where you hear things, particularly from a number of sources, they usually come to pass one way or the other. A self fulfilling prophecy? Who knows?

The Quinto thing, I think, was a series of posts on Trekmovie in response to an interview he did a few months ago, the general jist being he was seen to be distancing himself from what had taken place during filming. The overactive imagination of a few fans? Or a darker, deeper and more significant meaning?

Either way, I have a very weird feeling about this movie, bad publicity now could kill the box office and, ultimately, the franchise. I want to think it'll be fine but the complete news blackout seems to be covering something, good or bad.

Is JJ due a stinker? It happens to the best of them.
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