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Re: Trek 09 question..

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Orci wrote:
I prefer to think of Delta Vega as being in close orbit ( although it could be a moon ), but nonetheless, we like to think of that sequence as impressionistic for a general audience. In other words, Nero could've beamed Spock prime down to Delta Vega with a telescope or some other type of measuring device to allow Spock to experience the pain of perceiving the destruction of his home world, but that simply isn't very cinematic.
And it would highlight even more starkly the "strange" decision to beam him down anywhere given Spock would get a much better view from the Narada's bridge, where Nero (as per traditional villain behaviour) could "enjoy" his suffering, assuming he displayed any. Ah, but however could nuKirk and nuScotty meet him there? Oh well, beam away ...
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