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Re: VAN: In Tempest's Wake by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Any idea if SCE will be revived in the near future?
I think the post-Destiny landscape is perfect for a renewed SCE series. Instead of having to invent new problems and crises on planets-of-the-week, we could have the SCE troubleshoot and repair against a backdrop already familiar to readers, tying the series more notably to the "mainstream" (though hopefully without losing its distinctiveness). SCE often seems an overlooked series (unfortunately), and while I did enjoy the sense that these were "side stories", that interesting things were happening in forgotten or otherwise inconsequential corners of the Trek verse, it would also be nice to see the same winning concept applied in a new way. Picking up the pieces on Vulcan, Qo'noS, etc, building on minor plot points and throwaway details in the post-Destiny would be quite rewarding.

It could also be an uplifting series about the shared effort of rebuilding, to offset the more "troubling" political stories and cold war scenarios. If the big picture looks a bit bleak, it's often time to focus on the smaller things - and show that it's not just the exploration stories leaving the Federation behind that can be uplifting. A "rebuilding the Federation" series might be just what some of the fans displeased with the Typhon Pact need to keep them interested.
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