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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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When did The Mind Of Evil come out on DVD?
It hasn't yet. I was borrowing my friend's old black & white VHS tape. The tape also includes some recolorized portions of part 6 using homemade off-air video recordings. Oddly, I find the scenes less compelling in color than in black & white. Everything seems to have an atmosphere & an extra depth in black & white that the color just kind of drains out of it.

Something I noticed while watching "The Claws of Axos;" when the 3rd Doctor is trying to explain to Jo & the Brigadier how he trapped the Axons in a time loop, he seems to really be channelling Patrick Troughton in that scene. His loopy hand gestures and complete inability to explain such a simple concept remind me very much of the 2nd Doctor at his most intellectually impotent.

I just finished the special edition of "Day of the Daleks" a few days ago. It's not a great story but the special edition does it a world of good; from replacing the Dalek voices to reediting the ATV chase so that it doesn't look completely retarded. (It still looks a little retarded. It is still a random ATV chase afterall.) My biggest complaint with the special edition would be the establishing shots of the Dalek base. They're so obviously digital and they don't really fit in at all.

UNIT doesn't fare very well in the story though. I find it pretty disappointing when Captain Yates & Sgt. Benton seem completely stumped as to where the Doctor & Jo have gone when the cellar seems like a pretty obvious place, at least once you've eliminated all of the other options. But then, I suppose Benton could be forgiven for the oversight since he was cripped with hunger. Yates was kind of a dick in that scene.
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