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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

serenitytrek1 wrote: View Post
why do you think superman returns didn’t have a part 2?
Not enough people from the general public liked it or went to see it.

Ditto "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace".

And "Insurrection" and "Nemesis".

Transwarp Drive wrote: View Post
I'm aware of this notion that the film absolutely stinks...

So JJ Abrams should be quaking that we think his secrecy means that the film really stinks and that thought alone will blackmail him into breaking the secrecy earlier than planned?


No way Mr Quinto has trashed the new movie in an interview before it is released, nor will he "distance" himself from it. He's still under contract for one more film.

Transwarp Drive is dreaming. Some fans have been saying the whole trilogy will stink from the moment Bad Robot was announced as the production house. No news here.
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