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Re: Paranormal Activity 4: News, Discussion, etc

Mmm, like how the trailers for this were saying stuff like "its all been leading to this! All the activity has lead to this! dum dum dum!" etc
It all just reminded me of how Saw IV, V and VI were promoted. They all said things like "answers are revealed! Discover the truth" and so on. Of course you never did, and there was always another film to come. It wasn't until they finally stopped with VII that they (more or less) paid things off.

But yeah, given what was revealed about the demon, the cult behind it, the girl's grandma etc in the third movie, very little is followed up on or explained in this new entry.

There's also a definate suspension of disbelief in the final part. How is Alex recording this? Presumably on her iPhone I guess. Would you really be running away from monsters trying to kill you and still be holding up your phone to record it all?? Ha

Some other points I wanted to make on the movie that I'll use spoiler code for-
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