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Re: Best guest performances on TOS......

I originally had Cook Jr, Lenard from Journey, Hartley and a couple others i forgot! I knew 15 or even 20 may not have been enough, so i just figured I'd allow for a second poll with maybe 10-15 more names.

Could there have been 30 great guest performances on TOS?

Oh yeah, I originally had Barbara Anderson as Lenore--she was 19, I believe when she did TOS--not a bad peformance for a kid!

Also I kind of dislike the comedy performances of TOS Carmel, Stanley Adams, Brill, etc., but I guess I'll put those in fopr the next one.

And WOW, nobody brought up Jeffrey Hunter who i left off because he was playing the series lead and wasn't really a guest--at least when he gave the performance.
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