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Had some professional pictures done today. Here's one:

Aren't my lungs pretty?
That's an eerie amount of detail on your spine there! Also, the scale on the side, is that the actual length from one point to the other on your body then? In that case, I knew you where a bit shorter then I am, but not by that much. Scale is a hard thing to estimate some times.
The level of detail, I suspect, is due to it being a CT rather than an xray. They were looking for a pulmonary embolism, which, fortunately, they did not find! As for the scale, I had to convert it to inches to check, but it looks like that's the actual length.
Ah, that would explain it. I've only ever gotten xrays and ultrasound done.
Also, i was convinced for some reason that distance on me was a lot longer for some reason. And yes, while it is, it's not as much longer as I thought it was. It's about 45 centimeters on me, so that's slightly under 18 inches. I do have a really tall torso though.
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