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Re: Best guest performances on TOS......

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Missed Logan Ramsey as the pro counsel from Bread and Circuses and Morgan Woodward as Simon Van Gelder from Dagger of the Mind.

I chose Oliver, Woodward and Windom plus the two I mentioned above.

Cool--I'll add Van Gelder and the Pro Counsel in Phase II poll.

I'd love to hear any reasonable ideas for next poll. Don't say Lt. Farrell!

I know the poll is short on 2nd and 3rd season guests but on my computer 15 names were the maximun visible at the same time, so I stopped there so people woundn't have to scroll up and down to see all the names. And of course i was generally going in production order and that's why so many 1st season guests.

Also if future voters want they can vote for the top 5 from this list and suggest names for next poll. I was going crazy about how we had 24 votes and 6 voters! lol
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