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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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Its the sotry of those guys that fun. Why would we care about a new generation of glorified exterminators. They should just find a new group of up an comming comedians and simply start over. Personally I think that Ghostbusters would make a great TV series. Afterall if Ghost Hunters can successfully chase after fake ghosts, and find an audience, surely the Ghostbuster can make it on TV. Plus for a cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters managed to put out quality a live action TV series should be just as capable of making the concept work.
The problem with a reboot is that they'd pretty much have to retell the same story-- from the guys' first encounter with a ghost, to how they set up their business, to the conflicts they have with city officials, to their final heroic showdown at the end.

Obviously it's a great story, and the main reason that first movie worked so well, but we've already seen it. And there's no way a reboot could possibly do it any better.

I think they'd be better off just jumping forward in time and giving us a new story.
Or they could do a soft reboot and accept the contents of the first movie as having occured and move on from there. This is essentially what the cartoon did despite having changed quite a bit in the translation into animation/TV. In fact, it might be fun to do it as an 80s period peice. Or they could follow say the Superman Return's model and accept that the contents of the first film happend it just happened recently instead of 20 years ago (I think that the current Ghostbusters comics do this).

Of course, this is why I prefer bringing GB bact to TV. Remaking movies on TV is not unusual and they could even stretch the first mission out a bit. There are lots of ways of telling that first story in a fresh and interesting way. Imagine a version of the first Ghostbusters movie where the boys not only have to jumpstart their business, but have to contend with "competing" with all of the fake "Ghost Hunters" that run around on TV pretending to encounter ghosts. In the original movie they paid lip service to people not necessarily believing in what they do...but now they'd have to contend with the folks that don't beileve them but also with the flood of flakes that think that every gust of wind or bump in the night is their dead grandma trying to send them a message from beyond.
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