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Re: Typhon Pact: Should I keep going?

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I'd have to disagree. Yeah, the last few books since Destiny haven't been quite as good as they were before and leading up to Destiny, but I would still rate them overall as very good, and would be very upset if they rebooted with new writers. Honestly, overall I'd say that what we are getting in Trek lit is the best Trek we've gotten since DS9 ended. I say that a big fan of both Voyager and Enterprise.
Of course you're free to disagree with my opinion but to say "the last few books since Destiny haven't been quite as good" is an understatement. For one thing the word "few" in the context is incomprehensible. It has been almost four years since Destiny and there have been several dozen books released and none of them have been as good as the books leading up to and including Destiny in my opinion. Have there been some good books in the last four years? I would say absolutely! but none of them have been standouts that make me feel like I can't wait for the next release to come out. It's a pretty mixed bag these days and not as consistently high as it was before Destiny. I do need to qualify that by saying I would make an exception with the Voyager, DTI and Vanguard novels, which have been very good stories.

I really hate the way the DS9 relaunch was treated as it was an excellent series but the DS9 books in the Typhon Pact series are lacking something (inner cohesion?). The Titan series started off well but has really taken a decline and I think the potential for the series is not being lived up to. The TOS books have been pretty awful for the most part and laborious to read (I really wish Pocket could have released the Abramsverse novels). The Enterprise novels started out well but the last couple? Bleh! And New Frontier seems like it's now gone and although it was inconsistent at least Peter David made it fun and I looked forward to each new book in the series. And the Shattered Universe and Mirror Universe books were fun distractions but nothing more.

Anyway, I would like to see Pocket transition a new generation of Trek authors into the line. I think many of the Trek authors have some good stories to tell and possibly even some great stories to tell but maybe they should be working on original material and leave Trek to the "next generation"?

I have to disagree - not all of the novels leading up to Destiny were great, and although I quite liked Destiny (and it did drag me back to Treklit after a lengthy break), Destiny wasn't imho the the masterpiece it seems to be credited as on here.

Since Destiny there have been some poor entries (Zero Sum Game, Seize The Fire) and many more great novels - The Never Ending Sacrifice, A Singular Destiny and David R. George III's three Typhon Pact novels to name but a few...
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