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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

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I'm aware of this notion that the film absolutely stinks, I think it came from an interview with Quinto where he allegedly tries to distance his performance from that of the material he was given to work with, there was also some reporting around diva like behaviour on set; can I source it? No, I just know I've read it. The same can be said for the talking up of Cumberbatch's performance rather than the wider footprint of the movie.

So I wonder if that's the real issue, the film absolutely stinks?
Filing started in January, and I've followed this Forum pretty throughly since before that, and I remember a thread where someone "claimed they heard about Diva behavior and fights on set", never seen anything aside that claim in that single thread about that. Never seen anything about an interview with Quinto where he tried to distance his performance from the material he was given to work with.

This is just folks making crap up on sites where false rumors of troubles flow like water, because they have nothing better to do.

People always try to make this claim that "No publicity 1 year or 6 months out means they know the movie sucks", and that's just garbage. The movie going General Audience doesn't have more than a 3 month attention span. Any money you spend marketing a movie before that is just wasted, and in fact can hurt you, because when the proper time for marketing comes along, it's old hat, and people have already moved on, before the movie even gets released. The only people who know or care about any movie this early on, are the folks like us, sniffing around for whatever kernel of anything comes around, and we don't need to be marketed to, we've got the debut day molded onto our DNA and will be there when it opens, with or without marketing
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