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SweEt heart your dead wrong....lets do a reality check shall we?

Reality check 1

The last time around was different as trek was coming back from the dead after the failure of nemesis and enterprise and if I remember correctly there was a trailer attached to quantum of solace which was released In November 2008. JJ’s Trek came out in may 2009.

So by this time 4 years ago, promotion had already begun for the first film.
By this time four years ago, it was still October; we'd just seen the very first substantial article about the movie only the day before, and our look at the first still photo of the new Enterprise wouldn't be until more than three weeks later.

Reality: checked

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Reality check 2

Commerical Sucess: I will kindly ask you to do more research on trek films. Trek film has never been a huge box office draw overseas and even USA with the exception of the 09 film and the Voyage home. Paramount wants to change that and believe me secrecy is not going to help it. It is best to start promoting the film early.

If you think am wrong look at Iron man 3, after the huge success of Avengers you would think iron man wouldn’t need all the publicity and promotion anymore. Unfortunately that has not been the case. the campaign for the film has already begun even the film's plotline is already out

Also look at the john carter and super 8. Their promotions were quite poor and that hurt both films Box office success.
There's not one thing here which suggests that beginning promotion for the Star Trek film earlier would guarantee greater success.

You're not Paramount, and the people who are Paramount seem entirely willing to let Abrams make them another pile of money on the upcoming Trek film by doing things his way.

Iron Man 3 is Iron Man 3; it is not Star Trek and it is a Disney production besides.

Super 8 performed well with the promotion it got.

John Carter is another Disney entry, and was probably hurt more by production delays and personnel changes than anything; chances are it'll make up the shortfall anyway on cable showings, in DVD sales and in the international market.

Reality: checked

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Star Trek may go down that root if Paramount is not careful.

Reality Check 3

The only time secrecy works is when the studio does not want to promote the film early because they don’t want Film Critics reviewing the film.

Case in point another Paramount film called GI JOE. Botomline is Trek may be fun for us but to JJ and Paramount, it’s all about business and Trek needs all the publicity it can get if it is to become a huge success worldwide.

Next year is going to be crazy with films like Wolverine, Man of steel and Iron man 3. It will be sad if trek gets lost in the crowd as I strongly believe that TREK 2013 has a good chance of been the best film of next summer.....The best film of next summer that doesnt even get to be in the top five highest grossing film of the year 2013.

I hope that doesnt happen.
This is all just rambling and baseless speculation; there's no reality here to check.

But the thing is no teaser trailer is going to be in the new film Bond film and secondly

why do you think superman returns didn’t have a part 2? it’s all about business. Sometimes the studio releases the movie first in international markets so that it can make as much money as it can before the USA release. Example of this scenarios are films like iron man 2 and avengers, they were both released a weak earlier in Europe before the USA release and there was so much promotion and campaign for the films overseas. Sometimes there is no guarantee that the USA box office will be good so they heavily promote the film in foreign markets.

And abut john carter....the marketing manger of the film got sacked because the film was marketed poorly leading it its hug flop.

star trek has struggled in foreign markets and I believe this over the top secrecy will could hurt its foreign market numbers more . No one knows this movie even exist in europe.

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