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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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You negative lot. Give Ryback a chance, he's still fresh and potentially entertaining. Wait for him to conclusively become a boring failure in matches, then complain. He's not had a proper match, that's what makes it interesting. I'm sure he'll probably be awful and people will look back on his HiaC like the worst of late WCW. But it's not happened yet. Be optimistic, like me.
I don't know if it's being negative or realistic in this case, and this is coming from the guy who consistently defends Smackdown--that show may not be as glitzy as Raw or have the top tier guys all the time but it's actually a decent show most of the time.

I stand by what I said about Ryberg. Beating local talent and bottom-tier guys in 2 minute matches doesn't make him anywhere near qualified for a world title match. IMO he was never fresh and not very entertaining once the "wow, he can Samoan drop two 125 lb. wrestlers" newness wore off. If the WWE wanted to toss a new guy into the mix for the shock factor, I'd have no problem with Damien Sandow or Antonio Cesaro in that role--both of them are miles beyond Ryberg in terms of overall entertainment factor plus in-ring ability and mic skills.
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