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OK, first off, no wonder Doug Drexel left. The designs are horrendous and look like 1920's pulp sci-fi fiction rather than retro 50's sci-fi as was promised. The designs are ugly like the people involved.

Does anyone know how successful these kickstarter programs are or how hard they are to initiate. I hear there is a Trek one - Into Darkness? Is it any good or successful and what if things like this fold or don't become popular or serialized. Is Marc Scott Zicree going to make money on this over and above the quarter mill plus he's pulled in already? This sounds like a good thing to sidestep studio interference and have full creative control over your product and not done by committee on an assembly line with a Rick Berman hanging over your shoulder telling you what to do and not to do. I wonder how much creative freedom productions made by Netflix and Amazon will allow or do they have their own Bermans?
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