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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

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It depends on how big the name Roberts really is and if there's enough 30+ year olds who remember Wing Commandor and Freelancer (games i adored as a teenager).

5 million is a very tall order and yet a drop in the bucket for a major game.. top of the line games nowadays cost tens of millions and only a select few franchises exist that make a return on this investment.

I honestly doubt Robert's has remained a big name.. outside of people in their 30s and gaming nuts i don't believe the majority of today's Xbox and PS3 crowd know who he is much less that he's getting a game together.

All those teens/folks in their 20's are now making decent salary and love to live in nostaligia of things in the Past. We've seen how well project eternity, Wasteland and Shadowrun have done.
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