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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

This is one situation where I don't understand why anyone would want a continuation rather than a reboot.

One of the grat things about Ghostbusters was that at a tie when Hollywood and America an in general was glorifying big business, banking and the wonderful world of megacorporations,, Ghostbusters gave us a story about a group of really smart, but eccentric guys who start a small business and frankly stumble onto the biggest event in human history. Its the little guys make it big...and they made "science" look kind of fun and cool (despite the total lack of actual science in any part of that movie).

Its the sotry of those guys that fun. Why would we care about a new generation of glorified exterminators. They should just find a new group of up an comming comedians and simply start over. Personally I think that Ghostbusters would make a great TV series. Afterall if Ghost Hunters can successfully chase after fake ghosts, and find an audience, surely the Ghostbuster can make it on TV. Plus for a cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters managed to put out quality a live action TV series should be just as capable of making the concept work.
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