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Re: Molly Quinn: Babe of the week #42 (Oct. 2012)

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(hungover Alexis ),
Loved that scene even though it was more about Castle trying to hide who's sneaking out of his bedroom.
Haha, true - his comically awful way of handling it to distract her and Martha. Which turned out to be unnecessary in hindsight because Martha knew and Alexis was in no condition to realize.

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I guess they didn't really have much of a choice but to let her study in NY. I'm glad they didn't continue the "Alexis is helping Laney" thing, though. That seemed overly constructed.
I'm not entirely sure they didn't, at least in-universe. Didn't Beckett have a momentary freakout that because Alexis knows about her and Castle she might let it slip to Laney who'd tell Esposito who would definitely do a terrible job keeping it secret? Or am I completely imagining that?

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Random side note: I read Quinn is from Texas. You don't hear that in her accent, do you?
Definitely not in Castle anyway. No idea if it comes out in interviews/behind the scenes stuff though. Same is true with Summer Glau though iirc.
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