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Re: Ummm.... Worf on TV again?

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I haven't the faintest idea why CBS would ever produce a new Star Trek series about Worf.
Probably not but then all we have to go on is that byline. Star Trek! Captain Worf!

If there was a series concept that actually seemed to fit whatever CBS might want from a Star Trek series - like, for example, full of young heart-throbs except for that old ridge-head guy who serves as a kind of mentor/leader figure - that might work.

But it's true Worf himself is only a selling point to devoted Trekkies.

And personally? Yeah I'd totally like a series about Worf. Worf has had more screentime than any other Star Trek character ever, and yet I'd still totally love to check in on that guy and see what he's up to these days. He's a fun character and Dorn was consistently good with his material. Granted, Worf as a leader couldn't be used as a sounding board for ideas to reject as he was on TNG.

And really, this would be a different character in some ways. Worf matured and perhaps even mellowed by his decades of experience and adventures. That kind of progression would be interesting.
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