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Re: Ummm.... Worf on TV again?

ENT and VOY both resorted to firing phase cannons/phasers on almost every alien they encountered than being a more advanced human and defusing the situation through discussion and mediation (granted Archer was such a muppet that he had no other option and with Janeway it depended on who was writing that episode).

Action will get more casual viewers tuning in, but it would really depend on how good the series was written whether or not it would have any sticking power. The situation and over-arching plot would need to be well thought through (no temporal cold war that is then forgotten about that tied up in a single episode), as well as a strong, well-developed and consistant characters--people non-Worf fans will want to see take centre stage.

Personally, I agree with ElimParra, Worf has been used so often that I don't see much else could be done with him. If a Captain Worf series did come to fruition I would watch it, but if it was a weak show then I'd stop and wouldn't be all that fussed if I saw it or not (kind of like what happened with me and VOY).
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