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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

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Reality check 1

The last time around was different as trek was coming back from the dead after the failure of nemesis and enterprise and if I remember correctly there was a trailer attached to quantum of solace which was released In November 2008. JJs Trek came out in may 2009.

So by this time 4 years ago, promotion had already begun for the first film.
It's OCT! So by this thinking the trailer is due NEXT MONTH! Oh and by chance.........a new BOND film is out Nov 9th. Hmmmmmmmmmm
In UK the new bond film is out next week.All I am saying is that the secrecy of this film is just to over the top.there are people even saying the film secrecy is over the top because the film sucks.

I for one wont go that far.
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