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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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I wonder what they would do with Black Canary then?
They already mentioned biotech and applied sciences, in comic book terms that means they can do whatever they want, just give Dina a special choker that sends out ultrasonic waves and is activated by her scream. You can do a lot with fake technology and still pretend your show doesn't have superpowers.

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And did Mom really hate her own son enough to let him get killed on the yacht? Is she that power hungry? Or is Oliver not really her son?
Maybe she didn't know he would be on the yacht, that might explain why she shut down after the funeral, she planned her husband's death and loosing her son was truly a shock.
Or maybe she had nothing to do with it, whoever killed her husband could have shown up on her doorstep one day telling her "Your husband wanted to turn on us, now he and your son are dead, do what we say or you and your daughter are next!".
She really doesn't seem like she's the mastermind behind what's going on in Starling City, looking at Oliver's list a lot of people are involved, the yacht "accident" might have been a method to get the remaining Queens back in line. She still orchestrated her son's kidnapping and risked his death, but what if the alternative was that the conspiracy would have killed him just to be sure he doesn't know anything?

I really don't want her to be so evil that she would try murder her son. Doing bad things out of desperation would be much more interesting and would work better if they want to keep the
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