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Re: Why can't Latinum be replicated?

you need matter, along with energy, to replicate stuff
Might be, or then it might be that matter is a convenient thing to have but not a necessity. Synthesis of elements is mentioned in "Night Terrors", although that, too, might refer to synthesis of elements out of other elements, i.e. transmutation.

The food is never quite right
Well, food is never quite right, regardless of how it is made. People just won't stop complaining merely because something is perfect.

If GPL is sufficiently complicated in internal structure for whatever reason, it would be impossible to get quite right with your typical replicator.
But just like some people gladly eat vile food, and others have no time to stop and ponder the nuances of taste, there'd probably be lots of folks who would have neither the patience nor the means to notice that GPL is "slightly off".

In "Little Green Men", Quark says gold is fine as a payment for his tech
...Because in the Earth of 1947, everybody will accept gold!

so obviously replicators aren't alchemy
According to "Night Terrors", that's exactly what they are. Unless some other technology was behind the synthesis or transmutation of elements mentioned there.

Timo Saloniemi
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