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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

I would think so! The IRS gives a marriage deduction, so I don't see how something much more intimate than marriage wouldn't merit even more than that, or why any symbiote/parasite/host combination would allow a part of it to go unpaid for doing the same work.

But the devious part of the Tok'ra is that they're infiltrators, so they're pulling a paycheck from the Goa'uld overlords they're trying to overthrow, a paycheck from the Tok'ra treasury (is that still in Egyptian currency?), and generally a paycheck from the host's home planet. They're triple dipping, making them perhaps one of the most financially pernicious creations in all of sci-fi.

Later you'll find out that their numbers aren't very large, and what the show doesn't mention is that the reason their numbers are limited is that they can't survive an audit.
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