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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Yes, and they left some questions completely unanswered, even unasked. For example, suppose Carter's Gou'ald symbiote, Jolinar, hadn't died at the end of the episode, and Carter/Jolinar kept working for the Stargate Program. The Air Force pays Carter as an O-3 captain, but wouldn't they also have to pay Jolinar as either a GSA-15 (considering its service age, etc) or as a member of the federal senior executive service, which maxes out at about $180,000 a year? So wouldn't Carter/Jolinar get two paychecks from two different government branches, and wouldn't Jolinar's paycheck (probably as an ambassador or high-level liason) exceed Carter's pay? Since blended Goa'uld and hosts can live so long, would caps be placed on Carter/Jolinar's pension benefits? Would Carter get hazardous duty pay while off planet, while Jolinar gets hazardous duty pay on planet?

The writers never touched on these questions (perhaps because Jolinar died), yet we know they are among the first issues her superiors would have to address.
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