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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

Linnear wrote: View Post
Attacking me over and over isn't the way to win me over.
Once again, I will ask - Where are these comments that are outright attacks against you?

I asked you a question and was open to working with audio dramas, but YOU ruined it by attacking me.
On the contrary. Your posts have been snarling, dismissive and rude. If you were ever open to working with audio dramas, you certainly didn't demonstrate it in this thread.

My record is pretty clear with the founding productions, all of whom I have helped and asked nothing in return.
Well if you want to fall on your sword like that good luck.

You have only proven to be just one more guy who attacks people on the Internet. Good luck. We will stick to film productions.
Finally! An answer. So you are the one who will unilaterally made these kinds of decisions for the association. That's good to know. Something tells me you won't be lasting very long there with such an arrogant, closed-minded approach to these things.

middyseafort wrote: View Post
I agree with Maurice. There's an unpleasant tone that's emerged. And I'll add that there's also far too much pretention. Best of luck to all.
Agreed. The damn thing hasn't even started and its already just for the cool kids. Pass.
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