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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

Darker Projects is, for all intents and purposes an audio drama network for both fan productions and original content, so that ground's been covered.

Also, I don't see why it has to be relegated to "films" only - this forum is for fan productions, so I'm not seeing any reason beyond "because we say so" to justify why this association would be excluding us. Nobody seems to be able to provide a concrete reason for doing so, and honestly, I thought this community had moved past that.

My main concern and query here was whether or not this new "association" would include audio dramas under its umbrella and listed my reason why. Clearly it won't be doing that, and it's a shame to see such a nice idea already in its infancy being so closed-minded.

On a different note, Linnear, you might want to work on developing a thicker skin. Or at the very least, learn how to manage the queries directed to you in a less hostile manner. Part of being a leader is knowing that you have to deal with everyone, not just the people you want to deal with. Your conduct here has been disheartening, and frankly the whole "screw you guys, this is my sandbox" attitude is not unusual for the fan film community, but is especially disappointing coming from the guy who would, ostensibly be the voice of all the fan films. Dennis, Greg, Randy, Nick -- I can ask these guys anything and I wouldn't ever get the kind of passive-aggressive hostility you've demonstrated in this thread when people have dared to ask you simple questions.

Lastly, it's disappointing to me because of the blatant disregard it shows toward the many talented voice actors, audio mixers, producers and writers in audio drama production - not just at Darker Projects but at all the organizations in the field. Perhaps if more fan films actually knew what they were doing when it came to audio it would be less of an irony, but as has been pointed out, audio is frequently embarrassingly bad when it comes to most fan films, so you'd think an avenue toward knowing and interacting with people who actually understand the craft would present some kind of value. I guess not.
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