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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Pete's Dragon - BluRay - I wanted to share one of my favorite films from when I was a child with my sons. So I picked the film up yesterday and we watched it today, together. First thing I have to comment on is the beauty of the transfer, the movie is stunning. I only have a fuzzy recollection of the movie, last time I saw it was on broadcast tv as part of the Wonderful World of Disney when I was about 12, so over 30 years ago.

I was worried about my sons enjoying it but my fears were quickly vanquished within the first few minutes and they were laughing already. My sons loved the movie, to say love it is an understatment for they wanted to watch it again right away but it was time for bath and bed. It so brought me back, I loved it as much today as when I first saw it in the Theater and the last time I saw it on tv. Because of my fuzzy memory of it, I didn't realize how great the cast was, Helen Reddy as Nora is simply great. Mickey Rooney is simply at his Mickey best. Red Button in such a fun roll and probably the person who steals the movie, Shelly Winters as Lena Gogan.
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