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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

Those are awesome covers Klaus. Classic pulp look.

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But I can't read any of Moorcock's fantasy series, which make Tolkien look like Shakespeare.
I've read his Elric stuff, but it's... better at being weird than it is at being good, although quite a bit of it is very good. It's Conan through a crazily 1970s having-a-bad-trip lens. Weird stuff.

Scalzi's Redshirts is on reserve.
I got that. How could I not? Damn thing was taunting me simply by existing, if I don't find it very funny I will be surprised. Will eventually get around to reading it.

I suppose when the Big Name SF writers die, I won't know any new ones and I won't read SF anymore.
Can always check to see who's getting awards/buzz and/or find a blog that more or less matches your tastes. Hell, Scalzi and Reynolds are pretty new writers as-is and no doubt will be around for decades to come.
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