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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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I'm really starting to like this show. It's pretty interesting sorting the good guys from the bad guys. We know Mom is on the bad side but is her new husband? Or is he clueless?

And did Mom really hate her own son enough to let him get killed on the yacht? Is she that power hungry? Or is Oliver not really her son?
Give Oliver's reputation as a rich philander I don't think he was really the target - merely collaterol damage and the father was the real target. Now her concern is what Queen Jr might have been told but if she thinks he's clueless she might stop trying to kill him for a while.

And put me down as another who's a bit perturbed by the level of potentially lethal force.

If they are shooting at him then yeah they are fair game but killing them to make an entry but then I guess it's one way of making sure they don't stop you on the way out.
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