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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Countdown to this whole thing being blamed on A-Rod in 5...4...3...

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Oh, no, you don't get to play the "I was kidding" card not even a page after you were all "Cowboy Up, motherfuckers." You will take it and like it.
Riiight, like you wouldn't be pissed if was your precious Cubs that did this?
Of course I'd be pissed -- at the team. I was at the Bartman game in 2003, and I didn't blame him, I blamed Alex Gonzalez for booting a routine grounder, and the entire team shitting the bed in the next game. I wouldn't be pissing and moaning at the people rightfully calling me out on saying shit like "cowboy up" (I wouldn't have said that, for example), then saying "let the gloating begin," then complaining when there's actual gloating. You can't hide behind "I was kidding" when people decide, oh, hey, these last four games have been funny as hell.

Face it: There are quite a few people, myself included, tickled as hell to see the Yankees barely squeak by an incredibly mediocre Orioles team (needing some bizarre wizardry by Raul Ibanez and a masterpiece of a game from Sabathia to do so) and then not only have their bats fall completely silent but get swept by a Tigers team that fell ass-backwards into the postseason.

The Yankees imploded over the last month, and it's been magical. I love schadenfreude, and I can't wait for the impending A-Rod drama.

Edit: Holy shit, no matter what happens in the NL, the World Series will have two sub-90-win teams in it. I love baseball.
This post is a godsend. Pure brilliance. Happy Yankee Elimination Day everyone!!!
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