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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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Well, again - it's about the infrastructure of communication. I know for a fact there has been crossover before - half the cast of "The Section 31 Files" appeared at the end of Intrepid's pilot; Eric Busby and Karl Puder, staples of the Darker Projects audio productions have done numerous appearances on Hidden Frontier in both voice-over and on-screen roles.

And besides, I don't see why there needs to be such an exclusivity to this. Surely if your goal is to make production as easy as possible, you would want to be welcoming folks from any and all groups putting out new content. Darker Projects has been doing audio dramas for at least the last six years, boasting a wide range of professional and up-and-coming voice talent and actors. Surely that would have some value?

And, somewhat relatedly - who's running this "Fan Film Association" - is it by committee? Who decides, ultimately, what constitutes membership eligibility or not? I realize an audio drama isn't a film, but both endgames are basically aiming for the same result.

I guess what I'm wondering is, from the wording of your last reply here, are you saying that audio dramas would not be welcome to the association because of the limited ability of what we would have to offer the fan films, even though there are things the fan films would be able to do for us?

I'm not asking for freebies, but then again I don't understand why there's a hesitation to share. In your very first post in this thread you wrote:

There's all this lofty language about wanting to help each other and benefit from each other's experience and resources, to introduce each other to each other, and what not ... so I'm a little unclear about if/why this would suddenly not be the case, just because we're in a different format.

Dude, CHILL THE FRAK OUT. I was asking a question, not saying no. What is with all the belligerence on this forum? Is it possible on this forum to have a discussion without one party getting all aggressive and obnoxious. And yes, I found your post obnoxious and insulting.

So CHILL OUT. I am getting a little sick of being attacked for my good work in setting up this association. And yes, I set it up and got the other players involved. And we will all make decisions together.

I asked a question, because I am unclear of how a video production can help an audio production. I asked you to enlighten me not question my motives. The whole idea is to share assets and information, so I am trying to understand what a video production can provide to an audio drama and vice a versa.

If you can answer that question without going ballistic on me and questioning my motives, I will be happy to engage you. If you continue to act like an hurt child I will tell you to go form the Star Trek Audio Makers Association.

Alec, I do not think I am the one who needs to "CHILL THE FRAK OUT" here.

Where did I "act like a hurt child" ?

I asked questions of you because the wording if your previous post indicated you needed me to expound on my original query.

So I did.

I gave reasons why we would be interested in networking with the network.

I cited previous examples of audio personnel working with fan film personnel.

There's no need to fall on your sword here as if my actual, relevant questions regarding my inquiry were in any way attacking you personally.

I'd love to engage you on this, so lets discuss. There's no need to be petulant.

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