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Re: Voyager rebooted as a movie

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But isn't a different actor playing the part the same as, say, the different interpretations we already get of the characters in the novels? No two writers see them the same. I've read about Spocks who hide raging emotions behind a veil of calm, and ones who barely remember what feelings are like.

Heck, no two Voyager TV writers wrote Janeway the same, and it showed!
An excellent point! I enjoy reading diff author's interpretations of characters I've already "met" and consider it a way of getting to know them better!

I would love to see Voyager on the big screen. Actors? hmmm. Janeway's would be the toughest one; perhaps it would be best to go with someone unexpected to completely depart with what we know and love.

Will have to think about that one. Tuvok would be tough, too.
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