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Star Trek RPG SB400


Currently, we're looking for fill these key positions;

Chief Engineering Officer
Strategic Operations Officer
Marine Fighter Wing CO
Command Master Chief
1st Marine Division XO
Asst. Chief Security/Tactical
Asst. Chief Operations Officer
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer

and a variety of other roles!

SB400 is a SMS/Nova based simm that's been an active simm since 1995.

For 17 years we've provided quality interactive simming for new and veteran players alike. We take Canon Trek and mix it with elements of Simi-Canon as well as the Simm's history to make a unique simming experience!

Our LCARS site features a custom flash menu with data ranging from a Historical Timeline to Support Ship specs, a full Star Trek database to image galleries. Read though our mission logs, galactic news, apply for our web design award, or tour the Starbase. The SMS site also has crew info, mission logs, application to join SB400, and more!

Starbase 400 is based in the Prime Universe in 2388, a time of change. Romulus and Remus are no more, the Enterprise-E has been decommissioned, and new technologies are being introduced.

Starbase 400 is a Spacedock type starbase positioned near the Klingon and Romulan borders. She has what amounts to a small fleet assigned to her.

Missions vary from Exploration to Combat, Black Ops/Intel to
Scientific, and the best part is,

YOU are the star!

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