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So the building itself was the shelter? Not pointing to some underground lead lined bunker?
My church's shelter is in the basement- I've seen it. It's somewhat deep down...but there is a window at one end. Kinda defeated the purpose.

I need to ask the building manager to let me in and take photos. It's sort of funny to look at these now. The Civil Defense stuff (water, crackers, Geiger counters) is long gone, though.
Most schools I went to were build in the sixties and seventies and therefore had these strange kind of basements (usually used for youth-clubs actually) and one house down the street where I live, there was a shelter, until they dismantled it a year or two ago, but that was the WW2-kind... no good as a fall-out shelter for WW3! I now wish I had taken a few pictures of it.

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