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So the building itself was the shelter? Not pointing to some underground lead lined bunker?
My church's shelter is in the basement- I've seen it. It's somewhat deep down...but there is a window at one end. Kinda defeated the purpose.

I need to ask the building manager to let me in and take photos. It's sort of funny to look at these now. The Civil Defense stuff (water, crackers, Geiger counters) is long gone, though.

The fallout shelters were really designed more for people not likely to be in an immediate target area, like my town (Fredericksburg, Virginia). We'd still get fallout if a bomb was dropped on Quantico Marine Corps Base.

I don't remember if I posted these photos from my trip to Louisville this summer- I went to Mega Caverns, a lime quarry that was turned into a fallout shelter around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It had a capacity of 50,000 people!

That last photo is a display of what life would have been like in the caverns after a nuclear war. It was CREEPY. And I'm not talking about the mannequins- the darkness, the dripping water from underground springs, the chill...*shudder* I think I would have rather died in the blast, thank you very much. And another thing- the shelter would only have been useful if a bomb was dropped on Fort Knox. If it had been Louisville, they would have been fucked. The caverns are deep, but not that deep! (End of history lesson. )
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