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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Diminishing returns, as well, if I recall. Maybe keep the best two, lose the others.
I was mostly just messing around with the four RCS modules, but when I tried it it wasn't too bad. If it stacks nicely, that setup gets +127.5% boost to turn, which makes the Oddy go from space barge to Luna (with a couple more weapons slots); the best you can get with mk xii purples is +160%, which is still less than base T5 escort.

But diminishing returns...not so good. I don't know, though - it's no escort (which is my main; like I said, this is just for messing around in a safe environment - STF Normal ), but it turns waaaay better. I don't know how to stat it precisely - I maxed out the skill for turning, so base stats don't mean a whole lot, and they always say 3 degrees/sec no matter what the ship on the stat page.

I'm going to try going for a more DPS approach with it, at least once - load it up with more dual phasers and turrets, get someone with cannon rapid fire in there, whatever those sci ship captains do. I mostly just want to imagine the looks on folks' faces when they see me in STF (Though my real goal is to get a fleet Horizon or something and roll into STF in one of those - but that's crazy expensive.)
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