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Thoughts on Fringe Season 5 so far (Beware of some spoilers)

  • I admire the showrunners' commitment to 2036 Fringe as a concrete future for the whole season to explore instead of a what if episode to be glimpsed at for one episode like The Day We Died.
  • I'm liking the Etta character. She's as much of a badass as her parents. I find Peter and Olivia's relationship with her sweet. But I fear it's just a matter of time until Etta finds out about Olivia not searching for her like Peter was when she was a kid. My heart breaks at how that is going to go down between mother and daughter.
  • I don't see the search for the tapes lasting all season. Maybe half a season or a little more than that.
  • I really want to know what happened to September. Is he dead? Is he in limbo or in hiding? I really miss the guy.
What about you other Fringe watchers? What do you all think of Season 5 so far? Loving it or hating it?
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