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Re: Potential plagarism by ST: Titan TV series fan campaign?

because it is relevant to this discussion. why are we getting on this group's case when in fan production's we have the same thing occurring, and not getting on those production's cases.

now im not trying to piss anyone off, just like a good discussion and that this group is passing off a video and a image as their own, which they are not.

now i recognize that in a perfect world, that everyone would have every credit possible attacted to every post they have on facebook, but that is not a case, if i were to post on my wall a link to a youtube video(not claiming who created it or anything, just sharing the video), it shows the url, and the name of the video, does that mean that i need to ask the original authors permission? not according to facebook and youtube's terms of service, which is why they give you the option to make your video's private.

this group has screen grabs from nemesis, does this mean cbs should throw the book at them?

Sean, the designer of the titan, posted on the page a photoshopped image where he took a image from bsg's katee sackhoff and put it on an image of terry farrell.
On facebook an image of the latest queens of pop(gaga, beyonce, Brittney, Katty Perry, jay lo, pink, Rihanna, and Christina) that had them photoshopped as the avengers, exact match of one of the movie's posters.
should they have the book thrown at him?

just about every fan film has used a line or two from various star trek episodes, most frequently: where no man has gone before? should they be punished?

this ties into the debate of copyright, distribution rights, sampling, etc.
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