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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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^It's comicbook justice.

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Other than the guy who's neck he broke who has Arrow killed?
You seriously think all the thugs he's shot with those barbed, razor sharp arrows survived? Especially since we haven't had the usual qualifying piece of dialog, "it's amazing he only injured our guys, considering those arrows!"
Actually, Detective Lance did use the word "injured" or something similar in regards to his first bloodbath of the episode. I took note of it because I thought they were trying to make him not look as bad.

That being said, with modern response times and antibiotics to prevent infection, I'd imagine the vast majority of arrow wounds would be survivable unless he purposely went for a head or heart shot or nicked an artery. It's not going to tumble or fragment inside your body and tear up your organs and soft tissue like a bullet would, and even most bullet wounds are survivable. I'd imagine unless he specifically went for a killshot or they didn't get rapid medical attention, almost all of the henchmen probably survived.
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