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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

I'm reading this to say this group will be by invitation only. If so, I invite you to look over the many Star Trek Fan Film group at STR, but I will not be giving it a Headline.

I am not objecting to "by invitation only." Entirely aside from the personal issues being discussed on this thread, there are other reasons to make it by invitation only:

1) The majority of groups that undertake making Star Trek fan films never do. They could easily take and harm other people's property, and never pay for it, never return it, and never produce anything. You might want to give one another discounts because you all offer props, sets, and know-how, but not give discounts to people who are not from within this group.

2) There is a vast variety of quality in Star Trek Fan Films. You might be surprised at just how much work went into some of the films you might think were done quickly and cheaply. I don't want to identify who I am speaking about (I've never seen the person on this BB) but I am thinking of a film I watched and I thought was thrown together over at most a few weeks and I later found out represented over three years of work. When I spoke with this person, it was clear that he was very serious, but not very knowledgeable or talented about filmmaking. (NO, I'm not talking about myself, but I COULD be, given my own level of knowledge and talent in this area).

3. It's easier to settle on rules for a limited group.

Concerning badmouthing, let's just say I've gotten plenty of PMs badmouthing people who probably don't know they are being badmouthed judging from the kindhearted comments I've gotten from those people about the badmouthers. I'm sure there are many nasty comments about Star Trek Reviewed I never hear because I always invite people to use my research and make up their own website... what they intended was for me to put in a year of full-time work to upgrade STR to the quality they want. (For those of you who are thinking ... "geeze, how'd she know I thought that?" I'm not an idiot, I know a lot of people who offer more limited listings have nicer websites. Mine is quantity, not quality, and I don't deny it. And I have no problem being the source for somebody who wants to make a better website. The more publicity for these films, the better.)
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