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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

Captain Atkin wrote: View Post
I hear where you are coming from, but I also think that if Vic & company ever want to become part of this association, they will let it be known. None of us can really speak on their behalf.
But Alec is, and he's being absolutely ugly to Vic.

USS Intrepid wrote: View Post
May I suggest that if you have a personal issue, you please take it to PM. This is supposed to be a friendly discussion, and I'd rather like to see it continue in that fashion.
I don't have a personal issue with anyone. I'm speaking for the folks who will not be allowed in the group due to Alec's personal biases.

Tom wrote: View Post
I do hope that all parties can come to a mutual understanding. Your projects exist to entertain other Star Trek fans, not compete. I to know people from both groups and it is sad to see this type of stuff go on.
It is, Tom, and I've seen it going on since we decided to produce our own Star Trek fan film production. The animosity Alec has toward Vic is palpable, as exemplified by this statement:

Linnear wrote: View Post
Sadly, there is no mutual understanding to be had. Vic Mignogna talks shit constantly about James Cawley, Phase II, and myself. He takes it as his personal mission to bad mouth us to anyone who will listen. I have heard this from many people. Most of those people refuse to do business with Vic because of this. I don't expect him to change or "see the light".
Linnear wrote: View Post
And as I said, I am very good friends with Todd Haberkorn (Spock in STC) and Grant Imahara (Sulu) is a customer of mine. I wish them the best. I really do. But we don't need Vic's poisonous attitude towards others in a group dedicated to helping each other. And I dare say most of the Founders feel the same way because they have dealt with Vic.
Then let them come here and bad mouth Vic as you've done on their behalf.

Linnear wrote: View Post
I would prefer to talk about the positives and all the good people in Star Trek filming making than the one or two people we aren't doing business with.
Sorry, but your statements are incongruous.
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