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I don't have a problem with abridged versions of works, but I'm not going to listen to one strictly because I'll always be wondering what I missed in the print version.
That's why the book is also available.
Once more...some don't want to read the book and therefore would be uninterested in the story in book form. I don't mean to insult but it appears as if you can't or won't grasp the concept that some would prefer to listen at their own leisure rather than to read. And those that prefer to listen tend to want the entire story, not a truncated one.

Would you feel the same if Nimoy and Takei performed selected excerpts of a novel onstage at a convention?

How is that the same? When you go to a bookstore to hear an author read passages of a book are you expecting the entire book or even a four-hour abridged version of the book to be read by him or her? Of course not. Selected excerpts mean just that: selected exerpts. People can handle that because typically it goes no more than a half hour and most of the audience can sit still in a chair or stand alongside a wall during that duration without feeling the impulse to do something else. At a Trek convention I'm sure the excerpt readings take even less time. Indeed the reading of selected excerpts is a great way to sale the book to those in the audience who have not purchased it. That is far different from an abridged version of an audiobook that would be no less than two hours in presentation while giving away all the important plot points and developments.
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