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Re: how big an improvement is the star trek motion picture director cu

That's the thing with incorperating scenes into a movie as a TV version or extended/Directors cut........

You can't unring a bell. Once someone has seen a version of a movie with certain scenes included and they like them or get used to them--any new version with better Fx or tighter editing or better pace or whatever improvement there is----that doesn't include those scenes/lines......

will seem incomplete to a lot of folks. Even if they think the scenes are poorly acted or not needed for the story.

the Sulu/Ilia scenes IMO are terrible and pointless, but if someone has watched that cut multiple times it becomes part of the movie's experience.

They missed a huge opportunity for the TMP Blu-ray, by not adding the SLV via seamless branching. There are no FX or sound differences that would have made it in any way complicated.

That would have only left the DE to be released on Blu-ray.

Now people are asking for the DE on Blu-ray and I'm sure some suit is saying, "Sure, we give them the DE and they'll be asking for that SLV version next."

Duh, you could have done that already with minimal difficulty!

I have some small hopes for the Director's cuts on Blu-ray, but I'm afraid we'll never see the SLV.

Hopefully the DC Blu-ray will at least have the scenes from the SLV in HD 1080P quality, as an extra.
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