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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

Science is cool, but I'll just repeat what I've said before, if they want to add a new non-military element to the next show, they should go back to TOS and bring back the cop-on-the-beat facet of Starfleet that has been largely dropped from the spinoff shows. Have the crew spend some time on law enforcement and safety matters in the outlying areas of the Federation, the far-flung colonies, mining operations and lunatic asylums of the frontier.

Cop show elements are easy for the audience to relate to, are a reasonable part of Starfleet's job, and can involve scientific exploration too. When the flying fried eggs invade a colony, you need science to fight them. When miners are being burned alive by a mystery beast, science lets you understand what's happening.

Maybe there would be guest scientists not from Starfleet brought in to handle the cases. TOS did that on occasion, too - Miranda Jones, Richard Daystrom, etc. Usually their non-Starfleetishness served the purpose of dramatic conflict, we don't do things your way, whose way is right, etc. So that's a good reason for having people on the show who aren't all wearing Starfleet uniforms, keeps things lively and interesting.
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