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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

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I'm glad Denise is doing so well in her hew tribe. She's a tough lady and alligning with the boys is a good move, even if she is the fourth wheel.
Is she? I can see Penner and Jeff ditching Carter and keeping Denise if they have to make a choice and Jeff would probably consider an alliance with Denise to get rid of Penner, he already had his weirs four fingered handshake speech, he doesn't consider Penner a long term ally, I think Denise is in a good position right now.

I still think it's funny how Lisa went from Tandang's obvious first boot to sitting save in swing vote land between the fighting factions of the former alliance of four. She seems to be smart and observes her tribe, she is probably already planning to turn on Peter before he turns on her.
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